Old Cut

Glittering Gems Company has a huge source and collection of high-end Old European Cut diamonds. It is the cut which was the primary diamond shape used in the Art Deco Era; which were used in the Victorian and Edwardian Eras. Thus it's an overlap between the periods when both antique diamond cuts coexisted. The most beautiful feature of the old cut diamonds are they tend to faceup whiter then their modern counterparts of similar colour and they also draw your eye into the stones.

Rose Cut

The other most exclusive diamond cut which we deal with is the rose cut diamonds. Not only are they popular in personal jewellery, they are actually "old fashioned" and one of the original diamond cuts of Heirloom & Antique jewellery. The stones resemble the petals of a rose thus Glittering Gems tries to imitate the narrowing spiral of the petals; hence the name of the diamond is rose cut diamond.