Although Glittering Gems is a relatively new name in the industry, the expertise and passion it brings to the field is generations old. The family business saga began with my great-grandfather Amratlal Shah who had a business of commissioning and money lending in Rangoon, Burma (now Myanmar).

With the next generation in their adolescences, my great-grandfather decided to split the business amongst his two sons, one of whom was my grandfather. Taking his share of the business he moved to the city of Mumbai. With limited capital, but a grand exposure to the spectacular ruby trade in Burma, he began bringing ruby rough from Burma and then cutting and polishing it in the hub of the precious stone market; Jaipur. With a steadfast hold in manufacturing and an opportunity to trade in Mumbai, we established our first roots in this industry.

Over the years he expanded from rubies and became pioneers in the manufacturing and trading of other precious stones like emeralds from Colombia and Zambia, sapphires from Burma and Kashmir, also semi-precious stones like tourmalines and amethyst from Brazil. After 25 years of running an efficacious operation, he slowly gained recognition internationally.

This was around the time that my father was finding his ground in the already existing versatile family business. Finding lack of innovation and room to grow with just the precious stones, he decided to explore a completely new terrain... Diamonds!

Today, with the fourth generation setting into the business, we are globally known for our high quality and one of a kind diamonds, coloured stones and pearls. We can proudly claim that we have been catalysts in fulfilling every jeweller’s creativity.