Glittering Gems deals mainly in Fresh water pearls which are also known as Busara pearls, apart from that we also deal in South Sea & Tahitian Pearls.

Natural Pearls

Freshwater pearls which are produced by mussels that live in rivers, lakes or ponds. The majority of available freshwater cultivated; high quality natural specimens are rare and almost non-existent which are also known as Busara pearls.

South Sea Pearls

The breathtaking colour of these naturally black, golden and white pearls is produced by black, silver and golden lipped oysters in the waters of Tahiti, Okinawa and South Sea. Sizes usually begin at 8mm, in round, oval, teardrop or baroque shapes.

Tahitian Pearls

Grown in black-lipped pearl oysters, Tahitian pearls come from French Polynesia, and other small atolls throughout the South Pacific. Tahitian pearls (or black pearls) come in a variety of exotic colours.