It is one of the most fascinating and beautiful gemstones. It is beautiful green colour, combined with durability and rarity, makes it one of the most valuable gemstones. Emerald mainly come from Coloumbia, Brazil, Zimbabwe, South Africa, Afghanistan, USA. Colombian Emeralds being the most exclusive and expensive emeralds of all, Glittering Gems deals with the notorious and flawless variety and high-end emeralds. Its good hardness protects the stone to a large extent from scratches but it may develop internal cracks if banged hard or if exposed to extreme temperature. Emeralds are treated with no oil and moderate oiling. These practices will remove the oil and expose the hidden internal flaws.


One of the most precious, valuable and rare of today's naturally mined gemstones. Ruby means the king of precious stones. It has everything a precious stone should have i.e. magnificient colour, excellent hardness and outstanding brilliance. The main sourcing of Ruby is Burma, Thailand, Srilanka & Tanzania. Glittering Gems have the huge collection of the finest Rubies of Burma. This gemstone has excellent hardness, durability, luster, and rarity too. The colour of the Ruby is the most important feature of the gemstone. Ruby is often "A Burmese Ruby" - and indication that it is a rich, passionate, hot, full red colour with a slight blue hue. This colour is often referred to as "pigeon blood". Rubies are usually exposed to heat treatment in order to enhance the colour. Ruby is also irradiated and treated with diffusion to enhance the color. Other enhancements include fracture filling with lead glass Occasionally, ruby is oiled or dyed. Despite all of the treatments Glittering gems serve and present natural ruby gemstones without any treatments or enhancements.


Sapphire are sourced mainly from SriLanka, Burma, Kashmir Sapphires with highly saturated violet-blue color and "velvety" or "sleepy" transparency are more rare. The purer the blue of the Sapphire, the greater the price. Glittering Gems has a huge and elegant collection of Kashmir and Burma Sapphire. However, many people find that the darker hues of Sapphire can be just as appealing. The most rare and precious sapphire are found in Kashmir & Burma, and we have and we deal with the most clear and elegant sapphires of Burma & Kashmir. Sapphires are not only blue, they come in almost every colour of the rainbow: pink, yellow, orange, peach, and violet colours.

It is an accepted industry standard for sapphires to be heat-treated to improve colour, clarity, and overall appearance. It is an accepted industry standard for sapphires to be heat-treated to improve colour, clarity, and overall appearance. Some sapphires are found closer to thermal venting in the earth, which produces exceptional colour through natural heating. By heating sapphires that are not found in these locations, we mimic this natural process. No radiation, chemicals or health risks are involved in this process. As is common with almost all sapphires available today, the majority of Glittering Gems sapphires are unheat-treated. Glittering Gems carries un-heated sapphires at a premium. Treatments to avoid that you won't find at Glittering gems include irradiation, fracture fills, surface dyes, and beryllium.